What is the difference between Pro and Prime?

Oct 10, 2019
Coinbase Pro is the trading platform for individual traders while Coinbase Prime is the trading platform for financial institutions looking to trade with business funds.  

To sign up for a Coinbase Pro account, an individual is required to provide basic information about their identity, which needs to be verified before the sign up is complete.

To sign up for a Coinbase Prime account, an interested institution must submit the interest form at https://prime.coinbase.com. Qualifying institutional investors and corporate clients will be invited to apply and undergo a full compliance review before being granted a Coinbase Prime account.

Can I convert my account from Coinbase Pro to Coinbase Prime?

In order to be considered for a Coinbase Prime account, even as an existing Coinbase Pro account holder, you will need to apply. To request an application, submit the interest form for Coinbase Prime at https://prime.coinbase.com/institutional-interest.  

How does Coinbase Pro relate to Coinbase.com, Coinbase Custody, etc.?

Coinbase Pro, Coinbase.com, Coinbase Custody and other products all fall under the Coinbase brand and parent company Coinbase, Inc. Coinbase Pro and Coinbase.com serve individuals while Coinbase Prime and Coinbase Custody serve qualifying institutions.

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